Welcome to Teebear!

We're a new and exciting kind of company. And I'll tell you why!

Teebear Technology

With our amazing Teebear website, you can easily design EXACTLY what you want on your shirts and other products. No more time-consuming back and forth with artists not quite understanding your vision. Just design it yourself... and buy! It's really easy. We even tested on our parents!  We also use the latest HTML-5 technology in our designer software. What does that mean? It means that you can use it on your phone too!  And very soon, our website and designing tools will look and feel great even on your smartphones, almost like an app! Stay tuned for news about this exciting development!

Teebear Products and Service

What makes Teebear's products better than the rest? Well, we combine the best of east and the west to bring you the highest quality custom apparels at the most affordable prices you will find anywhere. We develop and produce our own high-quality apparel, and we design and decorate the shirts in our own production studio. What that means is faster service, less shipping charges, and less middle-man markups. Better quality, lower prices!

The Teebear Team

Every great company stands on the shoulders of its employees. And we have the best collection of creative and ambitious people in the industry - a truly international team, whose cultural variety and varying expertise combine to make Teebear an exciting and engaging place to work! We have team members from the United States, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Phillipines, and China - and more will join soon!

Teebear Phase One Mission Statement

Our goal in Phase One of Teebear is to provide customers around the globe with a one-stop solution for all their custom design apparel needs, including a crowdfund launching tool !! Yep,now we help our customers make money too ! We have a simple, easy-to-use interface in English and Chinese, a range of great quality products in a variety of colors, multiple payment options, speedy delivery, and helpful customer service!

"Phase One?" Yep! We have a lot of very exciting developments (including mobile apps and integration right into WeChat !) that are already in the pipeline ...and I can't wait to share them with you! 

Edward F. Goin
Co-founder of Teebear